Monday, November 27, 2017

My First Sewing Maching | Michley Lil Sew & Sew LS399

Hey everyone,! I want to share with you today my first ever sewing machine? I'm so excited to have this little machine and now I can do some DIYs that I've been dying to try!

I purchased this machine from It retails around $60. It ships right from the manufacturer in California and took about 3 days to arrive to my door. This is a portable light weight unit that is perfect for small projects and traveling.

In the Box:

  • Machine (LS399)
  • Thread and bobbins (white and black - one of each)
  • Needle
  • Practice fabric
  • Manual
  • Food petal & Adapter

It comes threaded already with the white thread so that is a plus 👍🏿 and can also run on 4 AA batteries. This machine can do 4 different kind of stitches, reverse stitching, 3 different stitch lengths, and has a thread cutter along with storage drawer.

Overall, I think this is perfect for the beginning seamstress and would recommend to a friend!

Watch my unboxing below:

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