Sunday, November 19, 2017

Janet Collection Marley Wig

Hey everyone! I have a wig I'd like to share with you all today.

I'd say the model does not do it justice.
Janet Collection Synthetic MARLEY Wig SALE

This is from the Janet Collection. I have mine in a 1B. This is a Marley textured unit and it's a perfect match for my natural hair texture. The cap size is on the small side. I have an average-ish size head and I have trouble getting it to fit so this unit is not big head friendly 😩. There are also no combs and no straps at all. 

Straight out of the packaging, this wig needed some work. I made a "part" to help it look more realistic. Also, this wig is some biiiig hair so if you don't like big units, this is not for you. However, despite being big, it is lightweight. It does tangle quite easily and sheds a bunch as well. 

I've been wearing it for about three weeks now and I think it's time to retire. Watch my video below:

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