Sunday, August 30, 2015

DIY Faux Septum Rings

If you watched this Dollar Tree haul video from my youtube channel, you may have noticed I was wearing a septum ring. No, I did not get my septum pierced. Yes, I did make a faux ring 😀.

Tools used:
Glass Beads/Plastic Pearls
Wire cutters

I had two different kinds of wire. One is a 24 gauge beading wire and another thicker wire (sorry, don't know the gauge as I got if from an old earring I made years ago.

First, I used a pen to shape the ring. Then cut the wire.

I next strung along my beads/pearls.

Then, I secured both ends of the ring and cut the excess wire.

And there you have it, faux septum rings! ❤️

Don't forget to watch the video for the live motion tutorial.

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