Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yet Another Protective Style: The Princess Bun

So bun looks have been my go to hairstyle this season. This winter has been extremely cold and having my hair out as much as I'd like just hasn't been a possibility. Now, the princess bun, as you may wonder, is not much different (if at all) from the top knot bun.

This is just my own spin on a high crown bun. It got it's name because I think the bun does look like a mini-crown. Princesses are "mini-queens" LOL, and the name "Princess Bun" was born! I spiced it up with a rhinestone hair accessory which I picked up from the dollar tree. This is just a really long silver bobby pin with rhinestones on the top. And of course I did my signature twisted bang at the front.

See more pics

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